In 1989, NASA Holdings started with a small home in Newark, New Jersey. Through hard work and patience NASA holdings was able to turn that small home into an apartment complex meant for you. Victor Nagi, founder, CEO and president believed that our community deserves a space that is more than just a space to sleep in. You deserve a home where you come from a hard day’s of work into a sweet, calming, and rejuvenating home. That is why our goal is to bring luxurious and Cozy homes to West New York and across New Jersey. We believe that our home should feel like your home and at the same time, paying low for something high end.

Some Information about Nasa Holdings

Bringing Luxurious and Cozy homes to West New York and across New Jersey has been one of the key goals from Nasa Holdings & it’s family. Check out our brand new building in 6400 Jefferson St where you will find modern, luxurious and up to date apartments.



Nasa Holdings wants our home to feel like your home


Nasa Holdings mission is to bring luxurious space without the high price tag